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The FUTRSPORT® Penta™ XL Bag consists of two Penta™ Bags with a FUTRSPORT® FlexSheet; the ‘topsheet’ that can cover two bags, that when combined can be used to increase impact surface area, modalities, and use cases. 

Expertly constructed with premium materials, each FUTRSPORT® Penta™ is an ultra-portable and lightweight (50 lbs.) safety airbag designed to mitigate impact injuries for high-performance athletes on the go. It incorporates patented impact-attenuation technology and design. Durable and deployable on any playing surface (grass, artificial turf, or court).

The FUTRSPORT® Penta™ runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries – no plug-in power source is necessary. Conveniently transported in a durable wheel bag, it is designed for easy training set-up and/or pack-up in under 5 minutes. Built for indoor or outdoor use: take the FUTRSPORT® Penta™ and Penta XL to the training ground or your local gym and go for everything!

    Key features

    Patented FUTRSPORT® air displacement technology

    Ergonomic design for body impact absorption (individuals up to 300 lbs)

    Post-impact inflation recovery within seconds

    Easily portable and lightweight

    Optional custom branding for teams and sponsors

    Flexible anchoring system for a variety of terrains and uses Industry-tested by professional athletes around the world

    For soccer goalkeeper training and field player finishing drills

    Battery run time: up to 45 minutes

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    Accessories Included with each Penta:

    1x internal jet blower (battery-powered) with 45-minute run time. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery included. A single charger is also included.

    Flexible multi anchor system:

    8x 12" plastic tri-blade turf spikes for use on natural grass.

    6x  20 lb dry (fill your own) weight bags; for use on any surface. 

    6x water weight bags for optimum lighter transport, made of heavy-duty heat-welded vinyl. 30 lb each when full, refillable with standard tap water (use on any surface), drain after use, and transport.

     2x combination locking post leash  (security feature) with anti-tamper measure to impede unauthorized removal.

     4x  3 ft bungee cords for outrigging anchor points away from athletic action as needed.

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    Easy to clean

    Inflate or deflate

    Reduce your risk of injury


    Learn more

    Customization and brand options

    Customized Logo Branding

    Change the Colors

    Change the colors on the sidewalls and the topsheet.

    Use your own Logo

    Change the colors on the sidewalls and fully customize the topsheet with color and logo upload.

    Fully Customized Design

    Work with your own designer or use our in-house team for a fully customized edition.