About us

FUTRSPORT® was born from the need for soccer goalkeepers to safely extend their reach and for all soccer players to enhance their muscle memory while undergoing the physical and psychological demands of practicing repetitive and often risky aerial maneuvers during training. In the modern game, aspiring champions know they need to go for everything on game day; that ethos is fundamental to FUTRSPORT®. 

FUTRSPORT® was founded by a team of experts in action-sport technology and airbag design and manufacturing, professional athletes, soccer coaches and consultants, and lovers of The Beautiful Game. FUTRSPORT® is committed to product excellence for elite athletic training with our patented technology technology and unique combination of high-grade technical fabrics that have never before been used in impact-attenuation devices like airbags for athletic training.

Established in Toronto, FUTRSPORT® employs a network of local and international supply and manufacturing partners, enabling us to serve a global client base with our user-friendly e-commerce platform. We strive to produce locally, wherever possible, and reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing materials responsibly and employing a local workforce in the markets that we serve.

We are excited to introduce FUTRSPORT® to the global soccer training community and to witness the athletic progression it will unleash onto the sport.

Why 'Go for Everything"?

Injury patterns in soccer goalkeepers who are practicing dives are consistent and dangerous: from head injury to threats to joints and limbs, the potential for harm during training is omnipresent. Practicing aerial maneuvers such as dives is now safer and more effective with the FUTRSPORT® Penta™, allowing athletes in training to eliminate hesitation, forget about fear, and go for everything.

Manufacturing - Quality Craftsmanship

Technology that is proven in over a decade of action sports safety systems - and now we have made the tech available to team sports - high impact

History in Inflatables

We have team across the world - US, Canada, Europe

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