Discover PENTA™

Meet the FUTRSPORT® Penta™, our flagship athletic training product. The Penta™ is an ultra-portable and lightweight, safety airbag designed to mitigate impact injuries for high-performance athletes on the go. It incorporates patented impact-attenuation technology and design. Durable and deployable on any playing surface (grass, artificial turf, or court), The Penta™ runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries - no plug-in power source necessary. Conveniently transported in a durable wheel bag, it is designed for easy training set-up and/or pack-up in under 5 minutes. Built for indoor or outdoor use: take the FUTRSPORT® Penta™ to the training ground or your local gym and go for everything!
  • Can significantly reduces injury risk to athletes in training
  • Allows athletes to focus on aerial awareness and ability
  • Enables repetitive high risk movements with low risk of injury
  • Improves muscle memory and enhances dive reach
  • Helps goalkeepers train for diving/high risk aerial saves
  • Suitable for field players engaging in scissor kicks, diving headers, etc.


Penta™ Pro
Branded Penta™

The FUTRSPORT® Penta™ Pro consists of two Penta™ Bags with a FUTRSPORT® FlexSheet; the 'topsheet' that can cover two bags, that when combined can be used to increase impact surface area, modalities, and use cases.

Penta™ for athlete wellness

The Penta™ bags can be fully customized to show your team colors, logos or even sponsors.

Penta™ for all team sports training